Life in the Boundary Layer…

an adventure into the miniature world of mosses, lichens, and fungi

  • My Home Hills: An Introduction
    I think I’ll start doing shorter weekly posts without much focus on identification or identification, but more just sharing some beautiful photos of what I call my “home hills” – the north-central Sierra Nevada foothills. I grew up and am currently living right near where gold was discovered in California in 1848, which is within the northern High Sierra Nevada geographic subdivision. After years of exploring these hills, I’ve learned to love and appreciate the local flora. My locale includesContinue reading “MossMaya”
  • Books Part One: Bryophytes
    I love books and have an excellent collection for nearly all aspects of plant ecology, biology, and natural history. Most of my books I refer to often, to remind myself of terminology, learn about new species, or answer my questions about evolution and phylogeny. I love reading other people’s recommendations on books, and making recommendations myself! For this post, I want to focus on books about bryophytes, from the introductory to the highly specialized. Let’s jump right in! First, asContinue reading “MossMaya”
  • Lichens underwater!? My story of the western waterfan.
    When I first started learning about lichens (almost 2 years ago now), I was smitten with everything from lush macrolichens draping the trees of the Pacific Northwest to tiny crustose microlichens covering nearly every piece of rock in the Sierra Nevada foothills. But when I found out that aquatic lichens exist, my mind was entirely blown. It happened on accident really – I was casually browsing the California Lichen Society’s website and came to the Lichens of Conservation Concern page.Continue reading “MossMaya”

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